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Newall introduces its’ DP500 Mill and Lathe Packages.
Designed specifically to target the turret mill and tool room lathe market,
these packages are priced to meet the needs of the price conscious user.

The Newall DP500 DRO comes with many features such as absolute and incremental readings,
radius/diameter readings, error compensation, and inch/metric instant conversion.
The unit also includes a tool offset library that compensates for different tools’ lengths for turning operations.
The offsets can be manually programed or they can be entered on-the-fly. For milling applications,
the DP500 includes bolt hole circle routine. Simply enter the data via the message prompts
and the DP500 calculates the coordinates of each hole within the circle, saving the operator time and ultimately money.

Best of all, the DP500 DRO Package offers the same quality and many of the benefits that Newall is known for.
The DP500 Packages come with the new Spherosyn LT or Microsyn LT encoders.
These encoders feature the same inductive technology and IP67 rating as Newall’s Spherosyn 2G encoders
and will provide accurate and dependable readings under the harshest environmental conditions

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Leading Import
Newall NMS300M1230N00A
12" x 30"
12"(Y) x 30"(X) for 42" Table Milling Machine
- $1,290.00
Newall NMS300L40M06A
6" x 40" Lathe
6"-Crosstravel(X) 40"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,490.00
Newall NMS300M1236N00A
12" x 36"
12"(Y) x 36"(X) for 48" Table Milling Machine
- $1,290.00
Newall NMS300L40M08A
8" x 40" Lathe
8"-Crosstravel(X) 40"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,490.00
14" x 36"
14"(Y) x 36"(X) for import 49" Table Milling Machine
- $1,290.00
10" x 40" Lathe
10"-Crosstravel(X) 40"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,490.00
16" x 36"
16"(Y) x 36"(X) for Series II 54" Table Milling Machine
- $1,290.00
6" x 60" Lathe
6"-Crosstravel(X) 60"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,590.00
10" x 20"
10"(Y) x 20"(X) for Mill/Drill Milling Machine
- $1,290.00
8" x 60" Lathe
8"-Crosstravel(X) 60"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,590.00
8" x 18"
8"(Y) x 18"(X) for Mill/Drill Milling Machine
- $1,290.00
10" x 60" Lathe
10"-Crosstravel(X) 60"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,590.00
DRO Z Axis Quill Kit
- $110.00
12" x 60" Lathe
12"-Crosstravel(X) 60"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,590.00
14" x 60" Lathe
14"-Crosstravel(X) 60"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,590.00
6" x 72" Lathe
6"-Crosstravel(X) 72"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,690.00
8" x 72" Lathe
8"-Crosstravel(X) 72"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,690.00
10" x 72" Lathe
10"-Crosstravel(X) 72"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,690.00
12" x 72" Lathe
12"-Crosstravel(X) 72"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,690.00
14" x 72" Lathe
14"-Crosstravel(X) 72"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,690.00
6" x 80" Lathe
6"-Crosstravel(X) 80"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,850.00
8" x 80" Lathe
8"-Crosstravel(X) 80"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,850.00
10" x 80" Lathe
10"-Crosstravel(X) 80"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,850.00
12" x 80" Lathe
12"-Crosstravel(X) 80"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,850.00
14" x 80" Lathe
14"-Crosstravel(X) 80"-Between Centers-Length(Z)
- $1,850.00
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