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Leading Import
Electronic Depth Micrometer 0-6"/152mm
.00005"/.001mm Resolution
Electronic Digital Depth Gage 0-6"/150mm
.0005"/.01mm Resolution
Electronic Depth Micrometer 0-12"/304mm
.00005"/.001mm Resolution
Electronic Digital Depth Gage 0-6"/150mm
.0005"/.01mm Resolution
Depth Micrometer 0-4"
.001" Graduation
Electronic Digital Depth Gage 0-12"/300mm
.0005"/.01mm Graduation
Depth Micrometer 0-6"
.001" Graduation
Electronic Digital Depth Gage 0-20"/500mm
.0005"/.01mm Resolution
Depth Micrometer 0-4"
4" base .001" Graduation
Depth Base Attachment for 6-8" Caliper
3-1/2" base
Depth Micrometer 0-6"
4" base .001" Graduation
Depth Base Attachment for 12" Caliper
3-1/2" base
22"/560mm Digital Depth Micrometer
4" base .0005" Resolution
Dual Dial Depth Micrometer
8"/200mm .001"/.02mm res
22" Dial Depth Micrometer
4" base .001" Resolution
Vernier Depth Micrometer
12" range 4" Base
0-1"/25mm Digimatic Depth Gage
0-1" range 2.36" Base .0005 res
Plastic Base and Rod
Call for availability
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