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                                                                                     Retrofit Your Existing Knee Mill
                                 Comes complete with prewired back cabinet, Ballscrews and Spindle Frequency Drive
                                                  Frequency Drive lets you start and stop the Spindle and change speeds at the control
                                               Servo Drives have Encoders for exact positioning and repeatability NOT step motors that lose position

      Made by a trusted name in machining, Servo Products                                  
       Proudly Designed and Assembled in the U.S.


   Give your machine a new life
  Turn your manual mill into CNC
  Get more productivity out of your machine for less money
  Circular moves, Pockets, Drilling cycles with pecking
  Great for Production, Prototyping, Hobbyists


Arch City Service 314-638-1227 800-746-9550

    Arch City Service 314-638-1227 800-746-9550 please leave message

    Lathe and CNC Retrofits or upgrades also available   Call for info

   How about a complete package with a new Mill
   Acra Variable Speed Mill (2J Head) -- $9500    Orion CNC retrofit package -- $13,500 = $23,000 + Freight
   Compare price to a Bridgeport EZ Track, Lagun, Jet CNC, Southwestern Industries TRAK, or Vectrax CNC
   Prices $40,000 or higher. Go to Grainger and see for yourself

   Uses the Knee for Z Axis. Gives you more travel in Z plus you can use the quill for manual operation

    Easy Installation:
    Install Ballscrews
    Wire up Spindle motor and switch for Spindle VFD
    Mount the back cabinet
    Install Servo Drives just like installing a Servo Power Feed
    Plug in the Wiring and turn it on
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