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  Atrump CNC                        
                           Incorporated in 1989. Atrump provides the CNC and conventional machine tool industry
                                             A complete line of Milling Machines (Knee & Bed); Precision Lathes;
                                              CNC Mills (Knee, Bed and Machining Centers) and CNC Lathes.

Atrump is the U.S. distributor for EXTRON --
One of the top manufacturers of both CNC and manual bench lathes, precision engine lathes, knee mills and bed-type mills in Taiwan.
Extron has been in business for over 35 years and sells approximately 20,000 machines worldwide.           

*Box Ways
give you rigidity, accuracy and less chatter.

*Centroid Control
Conversational or G-Code programming Using Windows 7 easily write or debug programs with icon or fill in the blanks programming
No more awkward learning G-code language just input dimensions from your prints and the program writes itself
Key in information on Lines, Circles, Pockets, Drilling, Bolt hole circles, Thread milling, Ellipses, Cones and let
the control do the math. For those experienced programmers the control has a full G-code Editor and built in CAM
Includes a DXF file translator - input DXF files from Engineering then define Toolpaths and run

*Large memory for part storage. With todays CAM systems programs can be 16 MB long or larger. Dripfeeding
information is clumsy when you can load a complete program and run from memory. Some CNC builders give you
only 256KB of memory. Atrump gives you RAM and Hard Drive.   

*Other features include optional Color Touchscreen Monitor, High Speed machining, USB, AC Digital Drives
Feedrate Overide Knob not 10% pushbuttons, 6" spindle cartridge,  40MM Ballscrew, Extra Wide table
Rigid tap, Chip Auger, Ethernet, Full X, Y,and Z guarding

Arch City Service  St Louis, MO  314-638-1227  800-746-9550  

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Arch City Service 314-638-1227 * 800-746-9550 *   Call Days, Evenings, Weekends
Click on the links below to see more Atrump Machines with pricing

Atrump A Series CNC Bed Mills & Machining Centers
CNC Bed MIlls    A1-3T    A1-5T   A2-5T   A3-5T
CNC Machining Centers    A2-5H   A2-7H   A3-10H
Sizes  28" x 19"    33" x 19"    39" x 19"

Atrump BM Series CNC Bed Mill & Machining Centers
BM-430H 31"x15"   BM-460H 40"x20"   BM-560H 51"x24"
BM-600H 59"x24"   BM-630H 59"x33"   BM-660H 66"x33"
BM-760H 78"x33"   BM-780H 98"x33"   BM-880H 118"x35"

Atrump KL & NC Series Lathes
1440NC 8"x31"  1740, 1760 11"x31" 11"x55"
1940NC, 1960NC 11"x35", 11"x55"
KL1640 Plus, KL1840NC 8"x31", 8"x31"

Atrump Horizontal Machining Centers
with Rotary Tables
LH-87 Horizontal CNC 33"x24"x28"
LH-117 Horizontal CNC 43"x35"x27"

Atrump Prototyping CNC Turn, Mill & Drill and Tap
VM350 Drill and Tap
OL 1220 Office Lathe   12"x20"   7"Swing    20" Centers
S8 Space Saver Office Mill 15"x 9"

Atrump CNC Knee Mills
3VK Inverter Drive CNC Knee Mill 2 Axis 31" x 14"
3VK Inverter Drive Rigid Head 31" x 14"

Atrump Production Slantbed Lathe/Live Tools
K45G, K45T, K45GT Slant Bed Lathe 6" Turn
S25L Gang Type Tooling 7" Travel
KS32MT 5" Travel Live Tools

Atrump D Series Double Column Machining Centers
D2202, D2203, D2204 (78", 118", 157" X Travel) (82" Y Travel)
D2503, D2504, D2505 (118", 157", 196" X Travel) (102" Y Travel)
D2510 393" X Travel 102" Y Travel

Atrump M Series Heavy Duty CNC Machining Centers
M860 33" x 20" Box Way    M1100 43" x 24" Box Way
M1320 52" x 28" Box Way
M1600 63" x 31"     M1600L 63" x 39"

Atrump E Series CNC Mill
E216 CNC Machining Center 26"x16'
E422 CNC Machining Center 41"x22"

Atrump KL Large Turn Series
KL2140, KL2160, KL2180, KL2440, Kl2460, KL2480 11" X Travel
KL30 and KL32 Lathes 60", 80" 120", 160", 200" Centers
KL42" and KL50" Lathes 60", 80", 120", 160", 200", 240", 280" Centers

  Atrump CNC Wheel Lathe
  Digitize Wheel Lathe 20"x18"  Atrump's Website


Centroid M400 Control
Conversational/G-Code Programming  Fill in the Blank Programming  Windows Based  Pockets, Drilling Cycles
                   Convert geometry from DXF files to Centroid's Intercon operations. Supports contouring, pocketing,
                   framing, drilling, boring, tapping, Deep Hole Drilling, Threading, Rigid Tap
                  Help screens for all the common milling cycles, Graphics, USB port, Large Memory
                   Feedrate Overide Knob "not" 10% pushbuttons


Euphemistic Machinist Terms

Ream this hole          Boring Bar         Hardness tester
Stripped Rod         Deep Throat Micrometer         Welding helmet
Slots                GO NO-GO Plug Gage         E-Z Tapper
Pullstud    Screw Pitch Gage      Cut-off    Retention Knob
Counterbore     Set of Soft jaws      Surface Roughness
HSS Extra Long Drills      Inserted Tool         Cross Slide
Machinist Tool    Grinder      Boring Head         Tailstock
Through Hole        Dial Bore gage         Multi Purpose Tool
Clamp screw            Finger Clamp         Screw Driver
6" Depth Mic           Bottoming Tap         Screwing Device
Quick Clamp Vise        Tube Mic         Drill it on the table
Tapered Shaft       Sloppy Fit         Cordless Power Tool
Screw Machine         Left Hand Tool Bit         Center Finder
Dead Nuts          Sunnen Honing machine
Hand Tap               Drill Chuck         Hogging Shell Mill
Knee Power Feed         Chuck key         Height Gage
Rougher End Mill       Ball Nose End Mill         Spotting Drill
T-Slot Nuts            Grooving Tool         Straight Flute Shank
Dead Blow Hammer          Countersink         Long Boy Drill
Inside Micrometer             Insert face Mill         1/2 Shank Drills
Dressers    Cannot tap a hole that big        Small Hole Gage
Tool Tightening Fixture    Way Lube Oiler

Let's face it, anything could be a
double entendre to a Machinist.
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