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aaaaaDrawbars, Keys, Bushings, Leadscrew & Nuts, Bearings, Clock Spring, Belts, Replacement Heads

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  Rebuilt Bridgeport Knee Mills 

Every Shop needs a Bridgeport but the price for a new one keeps going up
Here is your opportunity to have an affordable standard of the industry without buying a used machine
All machine ways are rescraped and tables resurfaced
Rebuilt and reconditioned back to the industry standards
No need to try and hold tolerances on worn out used machines
Rebuilt in the U.S.

Reconditioned Monarch 10EE Lathes, Le Blond Lathes, Hardinge Lathes, South Bend Lathes
CNC Equipment reasonably priced  

Arch City Service  St Louis, MO  314-638-1227  800-746-9550


Arch City Service

314-638-1227   800-746-9550

bridgeport mill bridgeport milling machine bridgeport knee mill monarch lathe le blond lathe south bend lathe
CNC Bed mill reconditioned resurfaced rescaped way scrape