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Machines for special applications


Atrump Prototyping Machines
Office Mill S8 Space Saver
Centroid Conversational Control
X-15.8" Y-9.4" Z-13.7"
Spindle Motor 2 HP
Spindle Speed 8000 RPM BT30 Taper
Ridgid Tap 8 Tool ATC - $28,900

Office Lathe LC-1220
T-400 Centroid Conversational Control
Z-19.5" X-6.3"
5HP Spindle Motor 1-9/16" Bore
Option - Toolpost, Gang Tooling, Turret

"WASP" Mini-jector  Benchtop Plastic Injection
   Molding Machines
*The low price of the "WASP" makes small production runs
   of 100 affordable
*Uses include R & D,  Educational, Prototyping, Electronic encapsulation
    Experimental parts, Loose core molding, Color mix testing
* Using the self-clamping "V" mold (size 7" x 3" x 2 1/8") prevents flashover
* Complete set-up is less than the cost of a larger mold
* Comes in Pneumatic, Hydraulic and screw type Ram
* Uses up to 2 oz of material
Model# 45 ---
  pneumatic   115 volt        
Flexarm Drilling and Tapping Arms
*Torque control switch  Easy change tools
*Tapping, Chamfer, Ream, Countersink, Die Grind
*Up to 76" reach
*3/4" tap


Formech  Vacuum Forming Machines
*Manual and Automatics
*Uses include Automotive, Packaging, Educational
     Toys, Choclate and candy molds, Medical and Dental
*Bench top models to high definition Models

Arch City Service
314-638-1227  800-746-9550


Machinist Sayings
*I've bored this twice and it's still too big
*Pound it flat  File it to fit  Paint it to cover
*12lb sledge " The Harley Tool", "Swing Press"
        "Quick Wrench" or the "Supermax Tool" 
*Welder  "The Gas Axe" "Smoke Wrench"
* WOW, a different error message...
      Finally some progress
*He's spring loaded to the stupid position
*We are all going to continue having these meetings
     until I find out why no work is getting done
* I just found the last bug
*A pat on the back is only a few
  inches from a kick in the butt.
*If Mr Haas had a penny for every time I had to
    reboot my CNC....Oh wait he does
*Ignore the bloodstains
*It's ok CNC,
    I go to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity too.
*Engineering - Drill ten holes then reweld five.
*Do you have some place to stay
  until this thing blows over?
*"We're *open* on Tuesdays?!?"
*After a number of decimal places who cares
*There cannot be a crisis around here my schedule
   is already full
*This time it will surely run
*Around here we do precision guesswork
*Take my advice, I'm not using it
*Back up my programs? How do I put them in reverse 
*It works! Now if I can only remember what I did.
*Oh no! not another learning experience
*Beatings will continue until morale improves
* Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand
*When in doubt use brute force
*Make it right before you make it faster.
*Deliver yesterday, post today, think tomorrow
*He's slower than accounts payable
*extremely light cut "Making Brillo"
*Machines like a pink eraser #3
*I try to do one day at a time
   but sometimes several attack me at once
*Pride, Commitment, Teamwork, words we
  use to get you to work for free
*I don't believe in miracles, I rely on them
*You never learn to swear until you get
    a CNC Machine
*Experience is something you don't get until
   after you need it

"Large increases in cost
with questionable increases in performance
can be tolerated only in race horses and women." Lord Kelvin..

Quality is like buying Oats. If you want nice, clean, fresh oats
you must pay a fair price.
 However if you can be satisfied with oats that has already
been through the horse, that comes a little cheaper.

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